ALIER and ENGIE: Awarded with the Biomass Performance Prize at the 2024 Bioenergy Awards, bestowed by the Catalonia Bioenergy Cluster (CBC)

Author/Alier — 10 May 2024 news

From Alier, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to the Catalonia Bioenergy Cluster for recognizing us, along with our partner Engie, with the Biomass Performance Award at the 2024 Bioenergy Awards. This accolade represents the culmination of our joint effort in the biomass project built in Rosselló, Lleida, and highlights the “Biomass and Biogas Steam Production Plant” project developed by ENGIE Spain.

The award was presented to us on May 9, 2024, during the 2nd Night of Bioenergy held at the Auditorium of the Institute of Ocular Microsurgery (IMO) in Barcelona. This renowned event brought together prominent figures from the sector to discuss trends and projections, as well as to recognize the best business practices developed in Catalonia, Spain.

Regarding our business practice, our main objective is to significantly reduce natural gas consumption in our factory. To achieve this, we have implemented a system in our plant that utilizes industrial biomass to generate energy. We have a 36 MWT (50 tph) biomass steam boiler, resulting in an impressive 97% reduction in our natural gas consumption. This achievement has been made possible by an innovative solution that allows for steam production from forest biomass.

This recognition is an honor for us as it reinforces our dedication to sustainability and innovation. Furthermore, it reflects our firm commitment and leadership in implementing innovative and sustainable solutions for renewable energy production. It inspires us to continue leading the way towards a more sustainable future in the industrial sector. It is particularly gratifying to receive this recognition alongside our partner ENGIE, a global leader in low-carbon energy and services. Together, we are making a significant contribution to driving positive change towards environmental sustainability.

Finally, we want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the Sant Pere de Torelló Heat Network Project! The Sant Pere de Torelló Heat Network Project has been awarded the Biomass Prize ex aequo, alongside our award. This effort has been recognized for its pioneering nature and its impact as a driving force for other energy communities in the Osona region, Catalonia.


Bioenergy production not only involves the generation of clean and renewable energy but also entails a series of positive effects on society and the local economy. Bioenergy not only represents a fundamental source of sustainable energy but also acts as an engine for job creation and the promotion of economic development in our country. From creating job opportunities in rural areas, promoting rooted permanence in the territory and preventing rural exodus, to generating employment in the valorization processes of resources and their transformation into energy and innovative products, bioenergy drives a bioeconomic and diversified growth that strengthens our society and preserves our environment.

At Alier, we are proud of this recognition, which is a cornerstone in our triple impact strategy and reflects the actions outlined in our Sustainability Master Plan. We maintain our commitment to continue demonstrating and reaffirming our dedication to sustainability and innovation through concrete actions and transparency, and we pledge to act in harmony with the values of our company, collaborators, partners, the environment, and the community, year after year.

news 10 May 2024
10 May 2024