High energy efficiency

High energy efficiency

Power production and regeneration is one of the biggest sustainability challenges of our times. There is a need to change the way we live, to evolve.

In Alier, we always strive to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact. To that end, we have a high efficiency co-generation plant which allows us to produce electrical and thermal energy and reduce emissions which are hazardous to the planet.

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Operation and energy production

The production plant consists of an Aero turbine derived from advanced low emission technology in which natural gas and biogas combustion is performed.

The combustion generates a rotational movement in the turbine shaft which is coupled to an electrical energy-producing generator. Combustion gases originating from the turbine are channelled to a high-pressure boiler which generates overheated steam.

The high pressure of the steam in then reduced through a turbine which generates the output steam condition required by the paper mill and transforms the pressure difference into electrical energy through a rotational movement.

Co-generation in a combined cycle

Co-generation is a high energy efficiency heat and electricity production system which allows energy savings by means of the combined production of heat and electricity, leading to the reduction of greenhouse gases, and therefore an environmental benefit.

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