We are now certified B Corporation! – Will you join the movement?

Author/Alier — 19 June 2023 news


What good is an economy that increases financially but at the same time uses up all the Earth’s resources, encourages individualism, and excludes thousands of people? At Alier, it is clear to us: nothing.

That is why we are acting with a five-year plan focused on innovation to promote a more productive and less polluting industry, to ensure sustainable production methods and to adopt urgent measures to combat climate change and work in line with Agenda 2030 and the challenge of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our actions demonstrate this, which is why today we are B-Corp, and we are part of the business and social movement that aims to create an inclusive, fair, and regenerative economy to respond to the major social and environmental challenges of today.

In fact, according to B-Impact’s assessment, Alier S.A. has obtained an overall score of 90.4. Considering that the average score of ordinary companies completing the assessment is currently 50.9 points.

We obtained an overall score of 90.4 in the B-Impact evaluation”.

news 19 June 2023
19 June 2023


To obtain this certification we have undergone a rigorous assessment by B Lab®, which measures business impact across 5 thematic areas: Governance, Employees, Customers, Community and Environment. The results are publicly available on the B Lab®  Website.

During the process we had to answer a long list of questions, as well as provide documentation and data verifying our efforts over the years, undergoing a comprehensive assessment of our sustainability with certification and recertification, and making amendments to our legal governance tools.

Once these strategic axes were approved after 2 years and 3 months, our actions spoke for us, positioning us as a transformational company that benefits the global economy, people, and the planet.



At Alier, we are pioneers in sustainability, we have successfully transitioned from a paper company to a waste recovery one.

  • Investing assiduously in our R+D+I department
  • Developing our talent.
  • Adjusting to renewable energies.
  • Creating a biomass power plant to decarbonize our production.

Among other things, discover our projects.



That’s right, corporations face huge social challenges that we must face, and all companies should collaborate to make the industry move towards a sustainable model.

At Alier, we have been making history, and we have come a long way. We are experts in the field of sustainability and that is why, in addition to being a paper mill, today we are highly qualified to guide your transition.

Our VAPA consultancy will provide you with a complete and comprehensive consultancy that will help you become part of the community of B-Corp companies with a heart working towards a path to decarbonization.

Yes, it’s been a long road… But a rewarding one. Today we can proudly say that we are one of the 3,240 companies in 70 countries that are part of the B-Corp Community, which defines us as the best companies by and for the world. But for us, this is just the beginning!