Ecokraft Sacks


The quality and strength of our 100% recycled paper is put to the test with the open-mouth sacks.

This product is the most suitable for packaging coal, sepiolite, potatoes, animal feed, and other agricultural materials.

What is VAPA?

What is VAPA?

VAPA is the acronym of Value Added Paper from Alier. This is a concept created to explain to our customers the commitment we have to them and to the environment.

This service goes beyond paper alone. Through VAPA, we provide companies with the help they need in production management, thereby leading to a reduction in costs, excesses, and emissions. We put our experience and knowledge at your service to achieve a production that is more cost-effective and much more sustainable.

What do we achieve?

Prevention of production and end product failures.
Energy saving.
Minimisation of waste and refuse.

We also join hands with our customers in creating products with more added value, providing our assistance in commissioning operations to validate the proper start-up of a new production line.We offer long term advisory services in new product development, high quality services with added value, and a safe and environmentally friendly work environment.

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