ALIER SA maintains a strong commitment to comply with the law and its ethical values that are reflected in the Code of Ethics and the Compliance Policies of ALIER SA, and which are mandatory for all members of the organization, without distinction.

    ALIER is a business organization that values maintaining a high standard of ethical values of integrity, excellence, sustainability and protection of human rights as one of its main assets.

    These values, however, may be compromised by unwanted actions by ALIER SA of any member of the organization or a third party, legal or natural person, with whom ALIER SA has a business relationship.

    In order to effectively maintain the compliance standards that ALIER SA requires of all its members and collaborators, it is essential to have a channel for communication and reporting of conduct contrary to the Law, or contrary to the values and compliance policies of ALIER SA .

    The Ethical Channel allows any employee, collaborator or third party outside the organization to communicate or report the existence of a legal breach or of ALIER SA's Compliance Policies.

    It also allows you to make a query or request to solve a doubt about the interpretation or application of the law or internal compliance regulations.

    The Ethical Channel is a tool to guarantee the effectiveness of the compliance model, which is why it is an exclusive channel of communication for events or behaviors related to regulatory non-compliance, criminal evidence or infractions of the Compliance Policies.

    ALIER SA guarantees users of the Ethical Channel the right to confidentiality, the right not to receive reprisals and the right to be informed of the result of the investigation.

    The Ethical Channel allows communications or complaints to be made anonymously and, in any case, confidentiality is guaranteed with respect to the complainant.

    Communication with the ethics channel is confidential and data processing will be done in accordance with personal data protection regulations.

    Communication with the Ethical Channel can be made through the email address or through the digital form enabled here:




    Privacy policy of the Ethical Channel:

    The content of the complaint will be treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality, in accordance with current regulations and the following Privacy Policy:

    The data controller is ALIER, S.A. ("ALIER"), with registered office at Av. Diagonal 403, 6th 3rd, 08008 Barcelona, provided with tax identification number A-08031544, telephone +34 933042860, and email address

    The information provided by the informant will be processed solely for the purpose of investigating or managing the inquiry or complaint made through the Ethics Channel.

    The legal basis for processing this data is the fulfillment of a legal obligation.

    The data provided through the Ethics Channel must be kept for a period of three (3) months from the filing of the complaint unless it is necessary to retain them for the opening of an administrative and/or judicial proceeding. Personal data recorded in received information and internal investigations will be retained for the necessary and provided period to comply with the legislation, and in no case for a period exceeding ten (10) years.

    The identity of the informant will, in any case, be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to the persons referred to in the reported facts or to third parties. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties unless necessary to communicate them to the Security Forces and Bodies and/or, if applicable, to the Courts and Tribunals or other Competent Authorities.

    The informant has the right to access the personal data undergoing processing, as well as to request the rectification of inaccurate data and request the limitation of data processing, under certain circumstances and for reasons related to their specific situation. The informant may exercise the aforementioned rights, in accordance with the terms and conditions provided by current legislation, at the registered office of ALIER or by requesting it by sending an email to If a satisfactory response is not obtained and a complaint is desired to be filed or further information is required regarding any of these rights, you can contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency (