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Author/Alier — 30 August 2023 news

We are a well-known paper mill that not only provides a commodity but also offers valuable VAPA advice to help make your business successful, sustainable, and profitable. Discover what this consultancy service is and how it can benefit you.


After detecting the great challenges faced by our clients, the acronym VAPA was born as a solution based on providing our knowledge and experience to them.

V alue

A dded

P artner

A lier

This was the case of one of our clients to whom we provided support with the start-up of their new factory and the optimization of their products.

For this purpose, we carried out visits and a complete analysis where we detected that the formulation of the plasterboards needed corrections, tools and above all specialized professional training.

We established an action plan emphasizing the key points analyzed in the process, their solutions and frequency of application. We provided training and education to their team, modified the plasterboard formulation and incorporated accessories that had not been used in their plasterboard production process.

After one week they obtained gypsum boards with a strength within the standard parameters, without cracking and with an optimal geometry, and after one month their team significantly improved their skills.

Today we continue to work with the same client, setting new goals to optimize their business. This is how our VAPA service started, and since then we continue to provide added value around the world.


VAPA is our exclusive consultancy service that, through our partnership, is committed to solving your industrial, commercial, and financial setbacks. With every purchase you make, you can count on our service designed specifically to meet the needs of your project.

news 30 August 2023
30 August 2023


As a result, you will avoid failures in your production, you will perfect your final product, you will save energy, minimize waste, surpluses, and emissions, achieving a sustainable and profitable business.

In Alier we have the industrial responsibility to lead under the prism of sustainability, we know that a more sustainable business is synonymous with a more profitable business, and we want you, too, can benefit from this strength.

As the recent study conducted in 2023 by Bain & Company and EcoVadis states: “Incorporating sustainability into management processes, procuring sustainably and establishing programs to reduce carbon emissions and improve diversity, equity and inclusion correlates with both ESG results and financial performance”.


Benefit from our partnership, through our different areas of expertise:

HUMAN RESOURCES: We enhance the soft and hard skills of your team, we offer outsourcing recruitment services, talent recruitment at national and international level, creation of area policies, compensation, performance evaluation, in house training, receive the support of our team of engineers, among other benefits.

FINANCE: We accompany you in the implementation of your business plan, providing you with the financial support you require for your project and machinery, thus providing you with financial support and accompaniment, we support you in the commissioning to validate the correct start-up of your new line, among other services.

INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT: We research and advise you during the development of new products, we improve their properties, we cooperate with you to make your idea tangible, we look for sustainable solutions so that your product has the highest profitability margin and more.

SUPPLY CHAIN: We offer a delivery service in record time with the best conditions, we can provide you with transport management, spare parts, auxiliary products, technical advice and supply you with raw materials from our suppliers, among other solutions.

COMMERCIAL AND MARKETING: Market expansion, opening a new plant, need to communicate your services? Receive commercial support, our team of commercial engineers provides you with studies and market trends to penetrate SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely).

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Our solutions will always embrace sustainability, but if beyond embracing it, you want to walk with it. Alier advises you to reduce your carbon footprint, calculate it, and/or create your sustainability report among other solutions. We have already been recognized as Best Company in Catalonia – Spain 2023 and as B CORP worldwide, we have lived the process, and we can guide you.

Do you have a sustainable project in mind, a product development, an innovative idea, or an area where we can help you? We are ready to work it out with you.

In conclusion, our VAPA service is a new paradigm where customized manufacturing, human cooperation, quality and environmental friendliness work towards excellence and continuous mutual benefit.