High-Performance Paper for Gypsum Boards – Lightweight, Resilient, and Cost-Effective

Author/Alier — 5 December 2023 news

If our standard paper (Cartón Wall®), 100% recycled and market leader, provides the mechanical and structural strength your plasterboard requires, our High Performance option is here to reduce your costs.

Profitability and sustainability with a lighter weight:

High Performance is our 100% recycled paper that began its development in 2019, offering the same strength and performance for your plasterboards as standard paper, but with a lower weight! By reducing the paper weight by 20g, you will maintain the same strength, lower your costs, and gain multiple benefits:

  1. Energy savings in your production due to improved porosity.
  2. Less product waste due to transitions between paper rolls.
  3. Transportation and import cost savings.
  4. Storage cost savings and reduction of paper volumetric inventory.
  5. Reduced coil transitions due to increased square meterage.
  6. Less weight and waste in the final product.

The drying implementation will be easier, and you’ll use less heat in your production line. Consequently, you’ll use less fuel, experience reduced production costs, and emit a lower amount of CO2.

Furthermore, the High Performance paper is recycled and designed for plasterboard production, offering significant mechanical strength in both machine and transverse directions. It boasts excellent water absorption as confirmed by the Cobb test, along with optimal layer adhesion. This makes it the perfect ally for use in your plasterboard production, without requiring major changes to your production line or process.  


news 5 December 2023
5 December 2023
100% recycled paper for gypsum board in spain, egypt, turkey and internationally. Reduce your costs, high resistance and light grammage.

Our customers have already verified its strength:

Your satisfaction and confidence are the outcomes of our ongoing laboratory tests, as outlined in our technical data sheet, which you can download here: technical data sheet. Our recycled paper is certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, Ecoembes, PEFC, FSC®, ISEGA, and B Corp standards, as well as the Carbon Footprint Calculation Seal for 2020 and 2021.

Beyond the paper, with each purchase made, we offer you the VAPA consultancy service (Value Added Partner Alier), specifically designed to provide technical support at every step of your production process.

We are here to guide and assist you in overcoming any challenges faced by your industrial organization. From sustainability transformations to technical problem-solving in your facility, and our expertise as Alier’s commercial engineers. Get to know us!

In conclusion, no paper of equal weight on the market matches the features of its mechanical strength, performance, optimal porosity, and lower cost per square meter. Many customers have already switched from standard recycled paper to High Performance. And you?